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Les Petits Livres Rose d'Ana - c'est tout simplement genial. J'ai pas arrete de rigoler du debut jusque la fin, meme si moi non plus je ne m'epile pas... Y en a 3: le taf, les ex et les copines. Ecrit par Pacco et Petronille 


A mon avis je dois pas presenter. Une collegue m'a fait decouvrir, c'est sympa comme tout.


This one I got from and I had to post it here just cause it's so dang funny!


I am generally of the feeling that princesses are totally rubbish (see pretty much any Disney film except perhaps the most recent ones). However, I make an exception for Nausicaa (and most Miyazaki for that matter) as she is strong, determined and fighting for a cause. None of your lovey-duvvy nonsense here.


The inimitable:


If you liked the film, read the book: Persepolis