Sunday, 27 March 2011

Smooth operator

This guy is brilliant! His social commentary is spot-on and is always delivered with an articulate intelligence I admire. Check it out...

Wednesday, 12 May 2010

le bon appetit du mois (vege!)

Le Slurps

Si vous ne l'avez pas encore essayé, ça vaut vraiment le coup. Certes, il fait un peu sombre a l'intérieur en journée, mais la déco est simple et moderne. La carte contient des explications sur les qualités ayurvédiques des plats. Les desserts sont peut-être un rien chers, mais le choix est ample et la créativité reigne! A essayer. Je propose un nouveau "carré d'or" pour les végétariens sur Ixelles: Dolma, Shanti, Tsampa, Slurps :o)  

Ils ont meme leur propre blog.

All-women shortlists?

As you can guess I'm really bugged by this whole thing...

Women in politics? §2 rant

Leaving aside for just a second how we may feel about the merits new Tory/Lib coalition, I just checked out the site above and was dismayed - though not surprised - to find not one single person on the proposed new cabinet who is not a middle-aged white male. Yawn. Sigh. This is  so   damn   boring. Not to mention exclusive, patronising, depressing, and I could go on. I don't know these politicians well enough to judge them and they may well be very good at their jobs, but this cabinet doesn't represent me fully, not to mention all the many other people who look at them and see an old boys' club which they are not - and possibly never have been - members of. Never mind electoral reform, why do I feel like UK politics is stuck in the dark ages? Having attended debates in the European Parliament I am almost embarrassed when I watch our lower house on television. A rowdy rabble of bully boys intent on shouting one another down, possibly in the most insidiously insulting fashion they can find. Think Nigel Farage and his recent comments to the new EU President. It feels to me that our political traditions, and debating traditions, favour those who have been brought up in the arrogance that they are better than everyone else. So little wonder then, perhaps...

Saturday, 8 May 2010

Flash info: Women in politics

Credits to Aimee for doing this tally: 
Tories have elected only 15% women MPs. Lab and Lib's combined figure is almost twice that at 28.5%...

Thursday, 6 May 2010


What do we mean by friendship? Can we be friends with all sorts of different people, even those whose values are not a 100% match to our own? What is the price of authenticity? 

I read an article recently according to which breaking off with a friend can be just as painful as breaking with a romantic partner. When friendships end, it seems there's often no real end to speak of, no closure. I've always felt that listening and offering support have been part of friendship. Someone I believe to be very wise recently told me that for her friendship means sharing her truth. She is a person who sees many things, but does not share them with people she knows less well. Sharing truth can be difficult, particularly when we know the other person will not agree or not want to hear. Where is the line between authenticity and sharing our truth and accepting other's truths and not being just plain antagonistic?

Answers on a postcard... ;o)

Election day, woohoo!

It's election day, woohoo! This is probably the first time in my voting life (15 years, gasp!) that I have felt quite so excited about an election. I will be glued to the radio over the next two days until we get the final result. Ever the optimist, I hope for progress in this one. Let's more forward, not back!