Stuff to see

This page contains stuff that is well worth seeing, particularly for those who enjoy less common and alternative representations of gender and a feminist viewpoint, even where that was not necessarily the initial intention.

The Frida Kahlo  exhibition at Bozar. Fascinating lady!


"To the Ones I Love " at the Theatre Varia in Ixelles. The dancing is truly beautiful and this is a very exciting aesthetic of male beauty.


Eigengrau  at the Bush Theatre in London for an exploration of modern-day living in big city life, coping with solitude and how to have fun in life through a feminist filter you can't switch off.


Bedankt aan het Kaaitheater voor WoWmen! Ik kan het niet meer aanraden omdat het al gedaan is. Maar ik raad wel Dream Season aan iedereen aan - misschien komt het wel elders aan bot. 

Dream Season  - a must-see if it comes round anywhere near you! An analysis of popular culture through the medium of the soap opera.