Wednesday, 12 May 2010

Women in politics? §2 rant

Leaving aside for just a second how we may feel about the merits new Tory/Lib coalition, I just checked out the site above and was dismayed - though not surprised - to find not one single person on the proposed new cabinet who is not a middle-aged white male. Yawn. Sigh. This is  so   damn   boring. Not to mention exclusive, patronising, depressing, and I could go on. I don't know these politicians well enough to judge them and they may well be very good at their jobs, but this cabinet doesn't represent me fully, not to mention all the many other people who look at them and see an old boys' club which they are not - and possibly never have been - members of. Never mind electoral reform, why do I feel like UK politics is stuck in the dark ages? Having attended debates in the European Parliament I am almost embarrassed when I watch our lower house on television. A rowdy rabble of bully boys intent on shouting one another down, possibly in the most insidiously insulting fashion they can find. Think Nigel Farage and his recent comments to the new EU President. It feels to me that our political traditions, and debating traditions, favour those who have been brought up in the arrogance that they are better than everyone else. So little wonder then, perhaps...

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  1. I am not the only one who has spotted this!