Friday, 2 April 2010

She's back?

I've been wondering for some time what decisions Caster Semenya and her team would take on her further career. To me, this story epitomises the problems with our very dualistic society, which still today leaves little space for people who don't "fit" certain pre-conceived ideas. I understand the difficulties of this particular case which relate to the sporting world, but personally I'm a big fan of Caster Semenya. She always came across to me as a strong, determined and composed athlete. I find, fortunately, that sometimes actual people in real life can be much more unphased about all of our own individual identities than the voyeuristic and scandal-hungry media. This may of course be because I know many fantastic people... Thank goodness for that!


  1. I agree, SC. She has been tremendously dignified throughout this process which has, as she rightly says, breached her basic human right to privacy. And as for the gender binary, it really is time we started to see all the colours of the rainbow instead of just the two ends of the spectrum.

  2. "All the colours of the rainbow" - I like that sentiment!